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Wiki Guidelines

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Acceptable and creative use of this space


Working together using this wiki


  • This wiki is a formative exercise - a way to learn about European Politics by creating an encyclopaedia of knowledge collaboratively.

  • There are some assumptions we have made and rules we have put in place - to get the exercise going.

  • You also need to develop some rules as you go along, but there are a few that seem like common sense.


Starting assumptions  - propositions


  • Creating the wiki is an exercise in collaborative learning. Everyone involved shares responsibility for its development.
  • You can only make the wiki successful if you create cultures of participation.
  • The intention is to develop resources for each other and future generations of students.
  • Using the comments tool, you can provide each other with feedback. Engaging in this process will enable you to create a resource that is responsive to “consumers” input and needs. 


Starting point for appropriate ground rules


Here we try to articulate our ideas about online learning environments and the behaviour, interaction and presence that we hope to see. Perhaps 'rules' is the wrong word?


  • Work with or alongside people to clarify and develop ideas. We are aiming to generate a spirit of collaborative, appreciative learning rather than competition. The success of the project is dependent on your ability to share knowledge, contribute equally and support each other in the learning process.
  • It is important to create an atmosphere of collaboration, where criticism is made constructive and ideas acknowledged, whether they are incorporated or rejected
  • If you disagree, which of course you sometimes will, think of a way to do so in a manner that is inclusive and engaging.
  • As an encylopaedia, it is vital that your content is accurate - make sure your sources are authoritative, updated and properly cited.
  • Add links to other pages or ideas when you can.




 Our thanks to Jo Tait and her complexworld wiki guidelines, which have served as the basis for these.

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