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The Paris Treaty 1951

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 Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community (signed in Paris on 18 April 1951)


The Treaty of Paris signed on the 18 April 1951, came into force on 23 July 1952 and expired 50 years later on 23 July 2002, with the purpose (set out in Article 1 of the treaty) to,


‘By this Treaty, the High Contracting Parties establish among themselves a EUROPEAN COAL AND STEEL COMMUNITY, founded upon a common market, common objectives and common institutions.’



In regards to the 1951 Treaty of Rome, the original Plenipotentiaries of respective governments were: 

The President of the Federal Republic of Germany:

(Represented by)Dr Konrad Adenauer, Chancellor and Minister for Foreign Affairs;


His Royal Highness the Prince Royal of Belgium:

Mr Paul Van Zeeland, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Mr Joseph Meurice, Minister for Foreign Trade;


The President of the French Republic:

Mr Robert Schuman, Minister for Foreign Affairs;


The President of the Italian Republic:

Mr Carlo Sforza, Minister for Foreign Affairs;


Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg:

Mr Joseph Bech, Minister for Foreign Affairs;


Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands,

Mr D.U. Stikker, Minister for Foreign Affairs,

Mr J. R. M. van der Brink, Minister for Economic Affairs.





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Treaty Establishing the European Coal and Steel Community; Paris, 18 April 1951.  London, 1973, HMSO Treaty Series 

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