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EU wiki: Democratising Knowledge of the EU.   



© European Community, 2008 


Welcome to our EU wiki, created by students within the Department of Politics at the University of Surrey as part of their level 2 module, The Idea of Europe. The aim of the module is to introduce students to the process of European integration through a discussion of the social, political and historical forces that have influenced it. It will consolidate students’ knowledge of governance and develop their understanding of current political theories.  


The influence of the European Union on the lives of its citizens becomes more apparent with each passing day. However, the EU's influence is matched by a worrying lack of knowledge about this organisation. The aim of our project is to bring EU politics closer to students and to facilitate the acquistion of encyclopaedic knowledge about the history of the European integration process, the institutions and current debates about the future of the Union. Ultimately, we seek to create a information source on the EU and European integration that is developed and updated by students on our programme.  



Topics from 2010-11 ...


Democracy,Ownership and Participation


Europe: Boundaries, Ideas and Identities


Challenges & Trajectories



Topics from 2009-10 ...






Europe in the World



Topics from 2008-09 ...


Debates on European Integration


European Institutions 


European Integration History 1947-2007 






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